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UPDATE 7-20-08

Airsmiths suck.  I have had a lot of time wasted by them on this project, and am not gun shy enough that I won't send it off to any more.  So this project will die with the MQ adapter unfinished.  I hope to resurrect it with a madeuce dual barreled autococker, where I won't have to customize an MQ2 and will use an E2 for better compatability (Race and MQ's don't play nice).  Oh well.

UPDATE 7-14-06

So my buddy who was working on it went MIA for a while.  I finally got in touch with him and he said he wasn't going to have time to work on it this summer.  DOH!  So anyway I sent it to Paintball MAXX in Houston where Brad Nestle works - and he should be giving it some final TLC.  Fingers crossed!

UPDATE 2-25-06

Spent some time on the lathe a week or two ago and got the valve body adapter done.  Now I am just waiting for the solenoid spacer to be done.  I will be out of town the next 2 weeks, so don't expect any updates!  But we're getting close.  PBX should be sending me a new valve body so I can cut it up (open up the exhaust port).

UPDATE 1-23-06

Added the motivation picture...  and e-mailed my friend about getting some lathe time on Sunday...

Man, its been a long time since I've been able to update this.  I have been sitting around for basically 9-12 months waiting for an MQ valve.  Well, its finally here ($130).  I also got a sheridan valve tool and 90 degree solenoid fittings from Palmers ($35) and a 1.5 x 12 inch rod of 6061 aluminum from McMasterCarr ($15).  Hopefully I can get this wrapped up in the next couple weeks.  Just trying to schedule lathe time right now...

I bought my first Palmer's gun in ~1995, a basic typhoon with a spiral vented barrel and a double trigger.  Overall it was a good gun, a little on the heavy side but very unique.  I ended up selling after a year or two to continue playing with my favorite marker (at the time), a Proteam Products micromag running on a just released Paintball Mania N2 setup. 

After graduating college and getting some coin in my pocket I started getting back into paintball and buying a few guns.  Unfortunately in late January 2004 my apartment door got kicked in and all of them got stolen (2 splashed 97 evolutions & a works e-blade - see the Stolen Guns section for more info and pictures).  For the first time in ~10 years I had zero guns!  Luckily I had renters insurance, and decided to buy a few more guns before starting grad school.  I still hope to track down those stolen guns though...

One of those guns was a nasty typhoon.  After playing a scenario game with it, I decided to try and overcome three of the biggest downsides (IMO) of nasty typhoons - loaders obstructing your view, weight, and a very heavy trigger to make the perfect scenario gun (unfortunately you can't use it in regular rec play around here). Anyway, I explored options such as Allen's 45 frame (which looked very nice at ~$200), custom JAM bolts (unsafe - could spike the velocity on the other side), a nelson hammer conversion (no major benefit), or an AKA low pressure conversion (they stopped doing it). Ultimately after talking to a bunch of people I decided to put dual q-loaders, a race frame, and a new to the market custom MQ Valve on.  The MQ Valve will allow me to ignore sear geometry and let me take the hammer lug off the bolts so they don't have to worry about compressing a very heavy main spring.

Let me at this point address 2 things.  First of all, this is not something Palmer's is into.  They do not endorse this project in any way (nor does Raceguns, Q-Loader, etc).  While their products were obviously integral to this project, I'm sure Palmer's in particular is not even pleased that I am running compressed air in the nasty instead of C02. 

Secondly, there is definitely a safety issue involved here.  I am trying to hit around 50 balls per second.  That is really as a tech demo, that does not mean I would go out and play with it like that, which would be extremely unsafe.  But keep in mind, you can overshoot someone with a 1995 automag, so it is all relative I suppose.  I have been playing almost 15 years so I feel comfortable with it (and my sister is a lawyer... :-).

In the end I just want to do this project because I think I can and I think it would be novel to have an electronic double barrel paintball gun.  Hope you enjoy checking it out!