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Updated Mar 10, 2010


I love Westwood autocockers.  Westwoods were probably one of the most expensive autocockers ever made (along with the Aurora and some P&P Supercockers), clocking in at around $1700 and took 6-8 months to get after ordering from Danny Love and Bad Boyz Toyz at some points.  When they came out they were pretty universally held as the best autocockers ever made, with all top of the line parts and one of the most rare and distinctive milling patterns available.  Bad Boyz Toyz was very willing to indulge your choice of outrageous splash anno also, producing some of the best in the business.  Over the years, I have actually never seen anyone else shoot one of these at a field besides myself.  Of course that also applies to several other of my markers - but in this case there are at least 200+ Westwoods made from 1996-2000, so they aren't as rare as you'd think.  But they are very hard to get out of the hands of their very loyal owners.  They also retain their price as very well and good ones command $700+.


99 Grey Fade Westwood 98 Zebra Westwood 99 Blue Westwood Red Splash Westwood

1998 Westwood Autococker with race frame and custom eye covers by Raceguns Dk. 

I like this particular one because of the sick zebra anodizing done by G3 Paintball.  Interestingly, there are a few additional custom features including a custom STO type back block and Eclipse Dart bolt turned to take o-rings.  I had to have this shipped over from Europe, and am still searching for a few of the match anodized parts.  I had a 05 chrome race frame on it with top of the line pneumatics and internals from Eclipse/Belsales.  Never seen anything like this before or since I picked it up.  This marker won Gun of the Month "Best in Show" for January 05 on www.automags.org.  I sold the 05 race frame because I got the half block and because Raceguns was rumored to be coming out with an 88 degree frame with a USB interface early in 06.  That didn't happen so it has a chrome E2 frame on it right now that I setup with beam break eyes on.  Like my Evolution XE - It runs off an 04 macdev conquest tank - which is great.

Here is a good view of the cool milling.  To my knowledge Westwoods came in 2 flavors - 2 dish and 4 dish bodies.  This is a 4 dish body.  Racegun (in Denmark) said it took 5 tries to make custom eye covers for this thing.  I bought it already drilled for eyes unfortunately, but I think I made the best of the situation.  This gun stock in mech form would have just been absurdly cool.

1999 Fade Westwood Autococker annoed black to grey fade with reverse splash.  Quit a beautiful marker, this has a match anno'd Air America reg, and full set of match annoed DYE boomsticks.  Also has original Shocktech Superfly bolt, chrome 3 way, chrome Palmers reg, and chrome Clippard ram.  Haven't played with this yet - but it is subtle and gorgeous.


Red Splash Westwood.  So I had a bunch of parts I've been collecting for a while waiting for a prime body to pop up. Which just so happened to happen not too long ago - a right feed westwood body that was pumped and missing a lot of it's original matching pieces (so I didn't feel bad reannoing it). After giving it some thought on color pattern (green splash, digi camo, acid wash?) I landed on the anno of the custom John Gross autococker I had stolen - of which I only have the original slider trigger left. That marker was anno'd by PK Selective in the 1990's with a custom pattern for Team Strange out of FL in a pattern similar to Smart Part/Eclipses but with clear splash instead of gold.

I send out for half a dozen quotes with pics of the pattern I wanted from the top shops and the best and most responsive guy I found was Preston at 1 2 5 Customs.  He did a great job and here are the results: