Raced Nasty Typhoon Project

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Here are a few videos of the gun and miscellaneous pictures.


So far I just have video of the gun cycling (since it has no main valve yet).  These are true cycles per second, not adjusted for the fact that there are 2 barrels.  So you can project 15 cps to equal 30 balls per second.  Anyway, enjoy.

The video goes from 15 cps in regular mode, to 15 cps in hyper mode (ramps up to full auto after 6 cps is reached), to 25 cps full auto.

Also got a video of it cycling in mechanical mode:



Added eclipse micro QEV's to the nasty typhoon about the same time I added the delrin flat bolt rings.  Noticeably crisper cycling. (Pic 1). 

Also a quick comparison shot of an autococker/nelson hammer and main spring vs the nasty typhoon stock hammer and main spring.  The nasty typhoon hammer is much heavier and the spring is very stiff.  This is necessary to get both barrels shooting at 280 fps. (Pic 2)

Pic 3 is an MQ vs stock nasty valve comparison btw (notice the nasty doesn't use 2 holes like Doc's V-Twin, just one big fat one). Also, the valve stem is thinner like on a tornado valve. I'm thinking either make a sleeve for the MQ valve, or just a new valve body (keep the poppet the same) and a sleeve for the solenoid.