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**UPDATE** The latest news is that this was seen at the PSP event the Phoenix Open on Sunday Feb 22nd, 2009.  The guy who had it was in his mid 20's, tall, Asian, and wearing a black/red jersey.  His name was John or JJ and he likely lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He told the guy that he got it at a "lost and found."  I'm not interested in prosecuting at this point, and this guy may not know it was stolen.  But I would like to get in contact with him and recover it.

These guns were stolen from my Dallas apartment in late January 2004 along with a lot of other stuff.  I want them back and will give a reward.

The first was my pride and joy, a custom milled John Gross autococker out of Florida Paintball Center (FPC).  Unlike this picture, at the time it was stolen it had a chrome double finger dye hinge frame, a delrin JAM bolt, and a silver 2003 68/45 max flo with a red Smart Parts neoprene cover.  Below you can see some of the custom milling on the sides and the pro team products style ball detente.  No barrel was on it. 

A very clear "tell" on this marker is that FPC is milled on the underside of the body (between the body and the grip frame).  Also - the annodizing is rare - unlike Besales and Eclipse annodizing, this has silver/clear splash instead of gold.


This was the second gun stolen, a blue/black/silver splash evolution mini cocker.  This is exactly how it looked, with an aluminum anti chop bolt and a black dye double finger hinge trigger.  Also notice it was cut to mini length (which cut the serial number in half) after annodizing.  Everything in the picture was taken.

The last gun taken was a black Works e-blade.  I had used it once and only had it a few weeks.  It just had a chrome nexus ram and QEV's installed.  No barrel was on it.  Nothing particularly distinguished about this otherwise - probably a 2001-2002 model.