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Updated Jan 4, 2013

I've owned a few paintball guns over the years, but mostly from 3 manufacturers:  Worr Games, Air Gun Designs (micro/mini/automags), and Palmer's Pursuit (typhoon and nasty typhoon) in that order.  I don't really have any pictures of my early AGD guns because... digital cameras weren't very common back then.  Below are 3 markers I had in the mid 1990's - a typhoon, a minimag, and a micromag.  All running on Co2.  Loved the micromag the most.

First, lets see some of the autocockers I use to own, starting with my first one from around 1995.  It was totally top of the line at the time, with nylon set screws in the trigger, a Lapco Autospirit barrel, chrome Palmers Rock low pressure reg, stainless Unireg Violator, Bob Long Hydra bolt (it had 3 swappable heads), and a chrome Clippard ram.  Of course stock autocockers are nicer than that now...

Then I got a slightly beat up minicocker (1) from a friend who had hand cut it.  Ughh... not real pretty, and I had a local machine shop anodize it and it didn't come out very good since back then the grades of aluminum used in the body/block/frame differed.  Kids at home, please do not cut your autococker with a hacksaw.

I sold that and kept shooting auto/mini/micromags, which I really like.  My first autococker back (2) I got nice and cheap.  But I didn't much care for it otherwise so I sold it.  It was not very interesting.

After selling that I got the next 4 autocockers.  From left to right: a 1997 purple/silver/black Bob Long autococker, a silver works, and red splash John Gross autococker, and a 1997 splashed evolution.  The Bob Long was a great gun, but was very heavy.  Bob is a big guy and I guess didn't feel like milling any weight off his gun.  The Works is manufactured here in Texas and was the first of several I owned (and my first e-bay purchase).  Great great great sliding trigger, one of the best ones I've ever felt.  Sold it to help pay for a new car.  The final two autocockers were stolen, and you can read more about them in that section.

Ok, next set...

(1) is a stock black works I owned VERY briefly that I got a very good deal on before selling.

(2) is an orange works e-blade.  I liked this gun, and it was the first platform I tested the Q-loader on.  I sold it to get the evolution x.

(3) Like the black works e-blade, I got a very good deal on it and sold it very quickly after "liberating" a few parts (like the Eclipse hinge frame and chrome micro Rock lpr).

Next up was a 2002 Eclipse Aurora autococker.  This is 1 of 10 aurora plated autocockers; 1 of 5 with a hinge frame.  It is not anodizing, it is a method of plating called spectrum physical vapor disposition that requires between 20k and 40k volts to pass through the piece.  It ends up looking like an oil slick and Eclipse had to stop making them because the high voltage led to high failure rates which made the cost to producing them prohibitive.  I didn't actually play with this one because I wanted to keep it pristine (and I had enough other markers; too many actually).  Top of the line Eclipse fittings on this bad boy also.  You can play a long time at a lot of places and never see a marker like this.  Unfortunately I think I was afraid of this marker!  So I sold it.  This was a mesmerizing marker though.  I ended up buying another one after selling this.


Next comes a 1998 left feed Boston Paintball Supply Twister autococker (thought it was milled in 2002), one of the first truly CAD milled autocockers.  This was one of my "loaner" guns.  My friends really liked shooting it for whatever reason (probably a combo of the soft trigger and Q-Loader). 

The twister had a Q-Loader (very fast, very cool), a White Wolf chrome freak back, Oracle LPR, roller sear, Boston Paintball 3 way, Palmer Quick Switch ram, RAT 3:16 valve, and that's it.  It had probably the smoothest slider I've ever felt (slightly ahead of a Belsales Evolution X slider and a Works slider).

The second picture is a close up of the twister milling.  Like the Westwood, they came in 2 flavors.  All in the same direction (///) and a radius style (\|/) where all the milling patterns come out from the center (like a sea shell).  This is a radius style, and Boston Paintball Supply said it took an extra eight hours on the mill to do over their base Boston Express autococker!





The last one of the collection to sell was a 2003 Works autococker (manufactured by Chipley Machine).  Its a great marker manufactured here in Texas that sports some cool features like a wire detente, delrin bolt, extensive milling, clamping feed neck, etc.  It also comes with a lifetime warranty, which is pretty cool (but unnecessary).  Look up a few markers and you will see I've owned a few of these.  I dig Works autocockers, just not more than evolutions and westwoods.

Ok, now comes the splashed two scoop camo Westwood.  If you've been around the net paintball scene for a while, you might actually recognize it.  It was pictured as follows in Ravi's review of the Westwood autococker in around 1998.  Too bad Ravi is not still around doing reviews.  If this had a matching barrel or shroud I would likely have kept it and still have it.

My most recent Belsales made gun is a 1996 Evolution Minicocker.  This gun was made right around when I was a junior in high school, which is when I was most vulnerable to the marketing pressures convincing me to like splash anodizing.  This one is the crazy black splash pattern (black base with red and silver splash) and I ended up getting all the parts from probably 4 different folks.

I put an eclipse hinge on it I had sitting around, and as you can see it has an old school Whispering Death expansion chamber (from a mag), a gas through stock, a chrome Belsales Magnum ram, chrome Belsales hollow point 4-way, and chrome Palmers minirock reg.  I was surprised when I got it in to find that the front block screw was drilled and tapped out to the 2000+ larger air chamber spec.

I liked this gun, but ultimately had to thin the collection when I got the half block and this didn't make the cut.  I was annoyed it was a mini and that the back block didn't match.

Here is my briefly owned red-black fade Racegun half block.  Since it was brand new I quickly traded this for the camo one with a Racegun rep.  Very slick guns...


This was a marker I picked up locally for very cheap.  Nice grip frame (lots of set screws), and some decent milling, but otherwise nothing exciting (hence why it is gone).

This is golden gun number 9.  I had to sell it because I bought the X-mag and already had a golden gun number 10 as well.  I kept the Eclipse gold kit and CP barrel.

Sigh.... I wanted to love this gun.  The crazy black splash is perfect.  Its an eclipse.  BUT.. it had issues.  Specifically, it was ghetto cut to a minicocker, and... there was a stripped screw hole in the body.  So sad.  I had to send it back to the e-bay seller... who was selling for her son I think.  The line between my favorite marker and something I don't want apparently is stripped threads in the body.

2001 Evolution X Autococker with 05 Race Frame.  I picked this one up off e-bay and got a good deal on it so what the heck, right (famous last words)?  It was freshly dust silver anno'd Evolution X autococker and came with a matching 05 Race Frame (like my half block), MacDev Gladiator reg, pumpkin looking WGP clamping feedneck, CCM ram, Mircorock reg, and matching DYE ultra light barrel.  Also - that is not a re-threaded freak tip - it is a Carter Machine tip that threads in an ultra light back.  Pretty cool.  And I put a JAM bolt in because the body is not drilled for eyes and I don't want to chop a lot.  Anyway - I ended up parting it (painfully) and selling it to pay for parts for a rebuild of my home theater PC.  Just wasn't quite unique enough.

Eclipse Nexus DC2 in Graphite 2 fade.  This was a very very nice marker- and signed by Nicky T, the head tech from Eclipse.  With the dollar strong again vs the British pound, I imported this one from the UK.  It is basically a mirror image of the DC2 I already had, so I sold it to fund some other stuff. 

An Urban Camo Phantom VSC.  I had always wanted to check one of these out, and I found one for sale very very cheap locally and picked it up.  I also snagged a 16" All American barrel.  Loved the anno - wasn't a fan of stock class play.  Also - it wasn't as quiet as I expected.

24k gold plated Minimag.  I'm not sure what the full scoop on these are, but they are rare.  I have heard there are less than 10 of these and they were never released directly to the public, only internally at AGD and as prizes at raffles.  Fewer still are "complete" - i.e. they have the valve and body.

The valve is completely plated and etched minimag, as is the body.  The serial number on this one  is GG0010 (I use to own GG0009 also); with GG standing for "Golden Gun".  I picked #10 up on E-bay; it came missing all the valve internals, bolt, sear, etc (it was just a show piece).  I turned it into a solid 24k gold setup - after tracking down a 24k Custom Products barrel, a gold plated Eclipse kit (with crappy tolerances), and a gold plated stock frame.  I don't play with this... so I ended up selling it for other projects (Westwood related I'm sure).  I'm relatively ambivalent about the sale.

2003 AKA Excalibur half mill with JMJ trigger and WAS 1.6 programming.  I've been wanting to try and excal for a while - they are sorta like what an electronic autococker would be if it was designed from the ground up instead of as a conversion of a pump gun.  This gun was purchased to see if I wanted to drop some coin on a nice one.  It was ok.  Shot pretty fast, was pretty quiet (but not as quiet as several of my cockers), but was ugly and just not that much personality in my opinion.  An LCD/OLED screen and ramping software would have gone a long ways to me keeping this.

Demonic Racegun Autococker annoed dust silver to green fade.  This line of markers was commissioned for the Demonic Factory Kids Team and made by Free Flow.  Unfortunately, that team never really materialized, the batch was stopped, and only 13 were made (this one is #006).  Not too impressive looking from a distance, but up close the milling is awesome!  This one had a Professional Paintball 9volt Race Frame (which sucks - its milled too thin and looks like it could break), Free Flow internals, and a Gladiator reg.  Since I hate the 9volt race frame for a variety of reasons I converted it to a regular battery one by swapping out all the parts.  Happy times now.  I sold this to fund a Westwood project (the red splash one!) and because I never shot it and was never that cool with the anno scheme.

The Rudy Dean autococker below I just got for a steal of a price and then sold.  I took the female palmers reg (that had a stripped scrwe) and used in on my lifesaver evolution x.  It was a first gen Rudy Dean that didn't have the integrated front block, and didn't even have a ball detente!  Old school.  The PGP I got from a friend's wife whose friend had left her a box of paintball stuff when she moved.  I'm not interested in pump play... so I cleaned it up a bit and sold it.

C&C X-mag was yet another AGD Europe marker that I picked up from the UK.  What's the deal with that?  I sold it to get the Bone Daddy X-mag.  It had level 10, a working anti chop board, and 3.2 software.  Recently it had XMOD 1.8 ramping software, a fireblade trigger, a modified clamping feedneck for the vert module, and the emag valve was swapped for a true X-valve.  It is pictured with a Deadlywind whisper barrel - which is quite sweet (it takes freak inserts) and quite hard to find a good deal on! :-)

2002 Lifesaver Evolution X Autococker.  A craigslist pickup - I just love this color (looks like a Rasta fade also) and was looking for a hinge framed Evo X.  It is totally stock and have a very smooth hinge trigger.  After getting my red splash westwood project done I couldn't justify keeping this.

1999 Lava Westwood Autococker annoed orange/red acid wash with silver splash.  It was owned by Danny Tiljack of Dynasty before me (though I'm really not into quasi "celebrity" markers).  This is a 4 scoop model like my zebra Westwood.  It has a sidewinder regulator, Belsales pneumatics, and Shocktech internals.  Also sports a delrin JAM bolt, the best autococker mod since sliced bread.  It is pictured with a freak kit and Doc Nickel "flash point" freak tip (I also have a longer Whitewolf boomstick style freak tip for it).  Oh yea, and as a 1999 cocker, it has a threaded IVG.  Yea!  After getting my red splash westwood project done I couldn't justify keeping this.

The next couple guns I loved but I got reallllllllly good offers on and had to sell.

Special Ops Longbow.  This was a gift on ebay.  I actually got a great deal on it, and it is really neat and different from anything else I have.  I ended up selling it because someone called me out on my BIN price!  Unusual... and I had trouble parting.  But I ended up getting another (that was much cheaper than what I sold this for, and in noticeably worse condition).

Gloss Black C&C X-mag.  Got this on craigslist for a steal.  Very nice condition - and a really slick gun.  I sold it to fund the SFL quest (it was this or the Bone Daddy -and this sold first).  The buyer ended up being a huge prick despite getting the gun for an excellent price and in great condition.  I don't post sale threads on AO anymore for this reason (and the childish mod Beemer who does not keep his word).

This is 1 of 10 Eclipse Aurora plated autocockers.  It is not anodizing, it is a method of plating called spectrum physical vapor disposition that requires between 20k and 40k volts to pass through the piece.  It ends up looking like an oil slick and Eclipse had to stop making them because the high voltage led to high failure rates which made the cost to producing them prohibitive.  This is the SECOND one of these I've owned!  I sold the first one, wanted another one, and found it on e-bay.  The guy didn't describe it too well so I ended up getting a good deal on it with only 2 other buyers (one of which was a buddy to whom I had sold the original aurora).

This gun is almost entirely stock.  I had originally been under the impression that there were 5 hinge framed ones, and 5 slider framed ones.  I have since found out there were potentially 3 that came from the factory with e-blades.  At any rate, sold the e-blade and have hid the body away in a padded case (like I am with the gold minimag) beside the zebra Westwood.  The e-blade is not the special part of the gun, and its value is dropping so I might as well get the money out of it while I can.  The marker was definitely played with btw, and the plating held up great (one small chip where the feed neck is pressed in, and a small bubble near the ball detente - but that's it).  I just think this is not a loaner marker if I'm shooting my half block most of the time.

Update - so of all random things, I was checking out e-bay (that in and of itself is not random), but I saw an "Eclipse aura frame" for sale.  Of course I bought it!  As the bottom picture shows, my aurora is now complete in mech form, never again to have an electro frame strapped to it.  It even had the trigger aurora plated, which is very unusual from what I can tell.

This also got an outstanding offer so I sold it.

PMS Mark 2.  A late 1990's Paintball Mania Mark 2 autococker - milled by Mark Davis.   I love the color, and the milling is actually pretty nice upon close inspection.  Sold because I never shot it to a good collector.

2001 P&P Supercocker LE.  This is a 2001 limited edition (LE) Supercocker made by Caesar at P&P Paintball. They retailed for $2500+ and had some of the craziest and nices anno patterns I've seen. This one is around a 7 color splash fade with all matching accessories. Pretty slick gun, with some nice CnC milling going on, gorgeous anno, and in amazing condition.  It was a bit more on the expensive side, but the nice ones usually are these days ( is a gift and a curse!).  DID NOT WANT TO SELL!  But the offer was too good.

1999 Blue Fade/Splash Westwood Autococker.  This is the quintessential Westwood autococker anno pattern - the one that in my opinion makes them really standout.  This particular model is a 1999 two scoop westwood, so you can see the milling is a little different then the more expensive 4 scoop Westwoods above, but it comes with a match anno'd rock knob and Air America Messiah regulator.  Really really nice looking marker.  This one took a while to find.  I ended up selling this after getting a very very nice offer on it.

Special Ops Longbow.  The one in the video here I don't still have, I sold it (because someone called me out on my very high BIN price).  So I used that money to go get another one that is in admittedly worse condition.  Still nice though, and with the ULT trigger a lot of fun to shoot.  Still sorting out what I want to do with the GForce frame (and still waiting several years later on that internal LPR...).  (I sold this one also when I got a DYE DAM - which is amazing)

Works autococker.  Works autocockers (manufactured by Chipley Machine - CCM) were put together here in North Texas and sport some cool features like a wire detente, delrin bolt with nifty retention system, extensive milling, clamping feed neck, etc.  It also comes with a lifetime warranty, which was pretty cool before Works disappeared.  They came in some great neon colors like neon yellow and orange, but generally IMO the quality was much much lower than Eclipse or Belsales anno.  It often was thin or uneven.  This marker however looks great - and obviously it's got the color of the school I went to for undergrad.  Both their hinge frames and sliders are very smooth.  Oh - one other pain with Works cockers is that they take custom length bolts - between STO/Evolution length and 2k+.  Lame design decision on an otherwise great marker.  Traded this (partially) for a DYE DAM.