Raced Nasty Typhoon Project

Loaders - Feeding the Beast

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The first "problem" I solved on my nasty typhoon was the loader issue.  If you put dual loaders on top you consume a considerable portion of your view.  If you use warp feeds, it is extremely heavy.  But Q-loaders take care of most of those issues, at the cost of reduced paintball storage.  I figured that would help conserve paint once the project was completed. 

Pic 1 is my original mockup (vision if you will):

Pic 2 is I originally actually had it mounted:

It used a custom PVC (ghetto) bracket and the hoses were too long. I actually played with it this way and it fed fine but I got the hose shot and caught on branches (a full Q-loader dumps very quickly @!#*$@#$).  Luckily, Q-loader came out with their universal bracket a month or two later and I was able to remount them.  Much better front profile: