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Updated Jan 4, 2013

planet eclipse

Planet Eclipse and Belsales are two peas in a pod.  They often shared the same anodizer, and Besales did the milling on many of the Eclipse designed markers.  So if you like one, you will probably really like the other also.  That's the case for me at least.  I like Eclipse for many of the same reasons as Besales, but I find Eclipse actually ended up doing more innovation late in the autococker lifecycle, and especially did some out of this world milling designs - taking full advantage of the latest in C&C machining technology.

Here are some more pictures of the guns I still own or added and descriptions:

05 Eclipse Nexus DC2 03 Eclipse Nexus 95 Eclipse

I'm not listing them now by favorites, but instead by manufacturer.  Hmmm... new and old Belsales, new and old Eclipse, several Westwoods, new and old mags.  Didn't notice that pattern before.

One of the new favorites of the collection is a "Graphite II" dust graphite to clear fade Eclipse Nexus DC2.  As with most of my eclipse gear, I picked this one up from the UK (and it took almost 8 weeks to get here!).  This really is what I would consider top of the non half/mid block autococker food chain.  In truth, these were really the last of the high end Eclipse autocockers and sported the Eclipse Dart LPR, a match anno'd Nexus Ram and QEV's (DC1's didn't have match anno'd QEV's I don't think), and a E2 trigger frame with built in beaver tail.  The more interesting things about this marker are some of the small things, like the fact that the vertical adapter and part of the front block are milled in once piece and retained on the body through the vertical adapter screw.  Also, the ram is held on by a stainless ram bracket (apparently on DC1's they used aluminum and some bent/broke).  Other small things include the fact that the solenoid is not threaded - it is held in by a set screw, and the solenoid wire is routed through the vertical adapter.  Clever!  According to Jack Wood (head Eclipse designer) these were milled by Belsales - which explains why they look so good.  There are under 150 of them.

The E2 frame itself is nice.  They did some good stuff with a wider trigger guard (though not compared to the Worr frame on my Evo), LCD screen (much easier to see in the Texas sun), and the solenoid is now fully enclosed (I hated cleaning that when it got shot).  The trigger is a lot thinner than original E1 frames but not as nice as a delrin trigger (in my opinion).  The ramp settings pretty much do what they are suppose to do - though as someone who doesn't use them very much they always surprise me when they kick in.

It also came with a delrin Dart bolt, WGP clamping feed neck, and Shaft Solo barrel (which looks great but annoys me because the front tip screws in opposite than a Dye or Freak tip..).  Oh yea - and the CNC milling is wicked.  BTW: the very last of the DC2's had ego feed necks and Star regulators - oh well.. (and the very first DC2's still had E1's with zero-b boards).  Recently I upgraded it with a super light Orange bolt and put a Carter Machine titanium barrel back and Dye ultra light front on it.

Eclipse Nexus "Pink Lady" autococker (1 of 25).  You know - I was not a big fan of the pink fade and wasn't really interested in getting another eblade 1, but this marker is really really nice looking in person and I feel like it "completes" my high end eclipse collection and is one of those trademark cockers that has a lot of stigma to it for lack of a better word.  I mean who made a line of pink markers before this?  Even more generally - Eclipse's anodizing is really just phenomenal.  And the Nexus milling is, like the director's cut above - gorgeous.  This Nexus has a chrome samurai trigger, a magnetic Killa detente, a CCM bottom line, and best of all an AKA tornado valve and hammer kit.

Milling comparison between the DC2 and the Nexus.

Next up is a 1995 (?) Eclipse Autococker (its serial number is in the 9000's).  These were high end back at the same time the evolution above was, and they were probably anodized at the same shop in Europe.  I really like the anno on this gun and it reminds me a bit of the red splash John Gross cocker that got stolen (in fact one of the barrels and the grip frame in the first picture are from that stolen cocker).  It also features some nice milling.  I added a delrin jam bolt, AKA Sidewinder reg, and a drop and it shoots like a champ.  Also picked up some matching anno'd accessories.