Raced Nasty Typhoon Project

The Bolts

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I originally contacted half a dozen known air smiths for this project.  Less than half replied, and of those none could give me a firm timeline on the project (for various reasons).  I said "screw it" and decided to work on it myself, even if that meant learning the machine skills.  As it turned out I didn't need to... I have a friend whose wife plays on my coed soccer team who graduated with a mechanical engineering degree a few years ago and has access to a full prototyping machine shop.

The bolts on a nasty typhoon (or regular one) are aluminum and a bit heavy.  Compared to my autocockers they require WAY too much cocking pressure.  So with that in mind, I started off replacing the original o-rings with Palmer's delrin flat o-rings (Pic 1).  A little expensive for what they are... but whatever.  This seemed to reduce drag a bit, but obviously didn't lighten the overall cocking mass.

I had Tim make me some new delrin bolts with titanium pull pins (Pic 2).  I told him to mirror the stock design but hollow them out to make them as light as possible (Pic 3).

The pins were 7.5 grams each and went down to 1.4 grams. The delrin bolts are 35 grams lighter... each!  There is room to lighten them further if we aren't able to cycle as quickly as I want.

I tested them on my race setup and was able to cycle at 15 cps easily with the rock pressure turned way down.

That block of aluminum is for the grip frame adapter (read about it in that section).  But to give you an idea of the work involved, he said he spent ~1 hour on each of the bolts plus ~3 hours on the TI pin assemblies (one broke so he ended up making 3).  A 5 foot rod of delrin from www.mcmastercarr.com is $5-10 and standard air smith rates tend to be around $50/hr.