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Updated Mar 10, 2010

Belsales evolutions

Evolutions are not especially rare (or common), coming out of Belsales Performance in the UK and originally only being distributed by Smart Parts in the US.  In 1996 or so when they first came out they were one of the first limited run line of autocockers to sport reverse "P" blocks and 45 frames (as well as enlarged valve chambers).  All these things are now pretty standard.  They are known for their classy milling, ultra smooth trigger, nifty velocity adjuster (Rex kit) and wire detente, and of course top of the line anodizing.  Interestingly, this is also the first aftermarket autococker to retain a WGP warranty.  For almost 10 years, when people mention top autocockers, Evolutions are almost always mentioned in the top 2-3.  And all these are big reasons why I like them!


02 Evolution XE 97 Reflex Evolution 96 Purple Evolution 97 Camo Evolution

2002 Evolution X Autococker with Worr Blade frame.

I had the now defunct Max Anodizing (single tear...) do a reverse splash/fade on it because.... I think it looks cool!  They did great work.  The pattern was based off an old e-bladed Westwood I had seen.  Very nice gun to shoot; one of the best all around guns I own.  This was my attempt at making the "perfect" gun after my 3 markers were stolen and insurance gave me a blank check (basically).  It uses top of the line Belsales internals and pneumatics.  I also use stainless freak inserts with it, which shoot great (my aluminum freak set was stolen, but none of the barrels were).  Currently it also sports a FBM delrin trigger and super light Orange bolt, which are both pretty nifty - and a MacDev Conquest reg instead of the 04 Maxflo.  That damn Maxflo leaked from the on/off from day one.  The evo runs runs at ~400 psi output from the Conquest.  I also just put in a Tadao Yakuza board that I got a great deal on.

Started its life with me as dust black with chrome, which looked good. (1)  Took it apart to send to Max Anodizing though.  I'd make sure you label all your tiny parts! (2)  Got the parts back after a few weeks.  18 pieces total.  Nice! (3)

And a few more pics after a little work and it was all put back together.  The marker won Gun of the Month "Nicest Anodizing" in August 04.  Sadly - like many anno shops that get popular, Max Anno traded owners and fell apart.  Too bad.

The 97 Reflex Evolution is pretty much finished.  It is splash anodized bonsai green (green base with black sponge and silver splash) and sports a rare Boston Paintball reflex kit (see below), Shocktech front block screw, Palmers minirock LPR, Rat 3:16 valve, and Shocktech Phat hammer (dumb name).  I was able to pick up a few matching barrels and a gas through as well.

Below is a close up of the Boston Paintball reflex kit.  I've never actually seen one at the field, and only knew of one other collector that owns one (Firepro - check out his Reflex pictures here).  Apparently being banned by the NPPL (it can be sweet spotted for full auto) and retailing at almost $500 didn't help!  Picture 3 shows some of the key features labeled as it sits mounted on my evolution.

My take: First of all, this thing is crazy. I've owned a bunch of autocockers (see above!) and NONE shoot like this. I read a review saying it is like pushing down hard on your ABS breaks, and I think that is a very accurate analogy. This gun seems to default to full auto, it really should be called an adjustable FA kit.  Boston Paintball ended up selling the patent (whose number is engraved on the thick grip frame) to Tippman, who subsequently used it for their successful RT triggers.  Interestingly, of all the years I've played I've never owned a Tippman.

I have to find a beaver tail long enough to cover the cocking rod, which is about a half inch longer than standard (to deal with the longer throw ram).

I've fielded this a few times now.  The first day the high kick of the marker slipped it out of timing, so I blue lock tight'ed everything.  Then I started chopping.  So I put a JAM bolt on it.  Now I'm dealing with double feeds.  So I think the next step will be to put a normal length cocking rod on and see how that does.  Complicated kit but interesting... I'd love to keep it running 100% a whole game :-)

And of course if you're into that kind of stuff, here is a short video of my evolution + reflex kit showing slow and fast full auto, as well as switching it into non reflex mode and back again (youtube).

1996 Evolution Autococker.  This is pretty original - I just upgraded the pneumatics.  I saw it for sale about 3 years ago on ebay and loved the color - but I didn't get it.  It came back up for sale and I got it the 2nd time around for a lot cheaper than it went the first time.  It has all the matching components including a set of matching AA barrels, and a solid stainless Unireg on the vertical.  Glad it runs remote with the matching stock, because that Unireg is heavy!  This one's trigger feels very similar to the red 95 Eclipse.  Actually, the whole marker feels very similar...

1997 Evolution Autococker. I won't lie - I bought this one because I like the anno and it looked to be in excellent condition.  Fortunately, I was right  With the exception of the flaking paint on the pot metal frame (ugh) - it looks like it was put in a time capsule in 1997 and just opened yesterday.  Trigger and pneumatics are all original - and I don't plan on changing anything except maybe camo wood grips.