Raced Nasty Typhoon Project

The Grip Frame Adapter

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Over Christmas holiday Tim had time to work on the adapter we designed. Nothing too fancy but you have to account for the fact that you are not connecting to a flat surface and the grip frame spacing is different between an autococker and a typhoon.  He did a nice job on a $12 piece of aluminum, and added a carbon fiber piece to wow the kids at the field and hold the solenoid on.  It took him ~4 hours, including a few cosmetic touches he did.  I had been quoted ~$100 from an air smith for this piece for reference.

Mounted the solenoid backwards so the wire didn't get hit by paintballs as easily.  I snuck the wire through the grip frame where the usual race eye wire goes.  3rd pic is my first draft at bolting everything up and putting the low pressure hose on.

We had to put the solenoid on the right side of the gun to keep from hitting the ram, which means the low pressure hoses are on the wrong side.  We the added channels between the adapter and body for the low pressure hoses to run through.  I recently picked up some 90 degree M3 solenoid fittings from Palmers to shorten the hose to the low pressure reg. 

Lets see... what else... well, we tried to lighten it up by milling the middle and missed the forward trigger stop for the race frame so we have to add that and also of course re-anodize it and then laser engrave it.