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Updated June 4th, 2011

My (short) story:

I went to play paintball for the first time in 1992 on my birthday.  My first gun was a Brass Eagle stingray, but it was quickly replaced by an automag.  I got my first autococker in 1994.  I actually don't play that much - in my estimation only about 4 months out of the year are bearable in Texas to play and I don't like speedball.  But I love the technology involved, deal making, and some of the "artisanal value" of some of late 90's autocockers (channeling James Lipton terminology).

I have ~25 markers right now, and have tried to collect some rare or unique ones.  In early 2005 I sold about half of them while in grad school... originally justified because I only have 2 arms and don't feel comfortable letting my newbie friends shoot rare/expensive markers.  But sadly, I have not been able to hold off, and have returned to my gun buying ways.  This collection is now more rare and more to my liking.  And yes, I like splash anodizing (which apparently that died out while I was an undergrad but has made a resurgence) and wood grips (only visually though - the 45 versions don't feel that good in your hand compared to Dye stickies).

What guns do I lack that I want (or - in the case of westwoods, I just want more)? 

Anyway... the middle picture is my old collection: camo Westwood, Twister, Reflex Evolution, Nasty Typhoon, Works E-blade, Race Westwood, Aurora, Worr-blade Evolution X.  I don't own all of these any more but at one time...

How to contact me:

I prefer not to get emailed these days since for the last couple years I've been fielding several emails a week asking to buy various markers.  Anything for sale is in the for sale section, and those are the only ones for sale.

You can reach me on www.customcockers.com - a forum/site fellow collectors Wolf13, Bulldog, and I decided to start in late 2006, early 2007.  My user name is UThomas.

You can also message me on my Youtube channel - http://www.youtube.com/Thomas4093 - I will reply but it might take a week.